Reading in Firenze



It was wonderful to visit Florence/Firenze recently to read with Billy Ramsell and his Italian translator, Lorenzo Mari. Very grateful to my friend Debora Biancheri who translated some of my poems to Italian some years ago. These translations were read on this occasion by writer Giovanni Agnoloni who hosted the event at the gorgeous L’Ora Blu bookshop. Grazie a tutti!

Velestovo Poetry Night


It was such an honour to be invited to read at the Velestovo Poetry Night in Macedonia – and to be included in the anthology of 11 Irish poets translated by Julijana Velichkovska and Vasilka Pemova.


On Saturday night we read outdoors at beautiful Velestovo; here is me with Katerina Petreska who read the Macedonian translations:



Many thanks to Culture Ireland for supporting the trip



Our hosts, Julijana and Jovan, looked after us incredibly well, enabling some great discussions over long lunches and late dinners:


Many happy memories of my time in Velestovo, looking out over Lake Ohrid…